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Komeeda's Chefs Residency provides an opportunity for experimentation and leadership. A culinary program for eight culinary artisans to creatively showcase their skills while leading immersive culinary storytelling feasts. Each experience is unique in its menu, ambiance, and inspiration. With a purpose to spotlight the rich cultures, strong communities, and outstanding creations that make up America and the city of New York. Join us this fall, as each chef leads three feasts that will feature their passions through the plate. 

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The Komeeda Chef Residency program is made possible through our host partners the Food Arts Center at Fedcap. A culinary destination for flavorful events, classes, and content creation. Our partnership with the Food Arts Center focuses on empowering the restaurant and chef communities by connecting and engaging with our peers and consumers through enriching events.  




Our Mission

Food is our vehicle to catalyze culinary artists to spotlight their local culture and communities. We nourish the appetites of our Kommunity, a collective of people eager to enrich and be enriched through the canvas of culinary arts. A canvas of unheard stories, eclectic flavors, and valued interactions made possible by people convening to breaking bread.




The Residency Program

During our season of experiences, chefs will present a series of immersive culinary events. Each chef uniquely showcasing their craft to new audiences who will experience the flavors of the artist straight from the kitchen.

Through Komeeda's residency season, chefs will be given access to all essentials needed to pull of a successfully curated feast that is aimed to change how we as a society experience food. Chefs are welcomed into our residency will be furnished with the necessary resources for your to succeed. Additionally, chefs who partake are compensated for their time and provide access for chefs to develop their brands experientially. Below are the resources you will benefit from through the Komeeda Chef Residency. 



Are You Ready to Chef?

If so, let's rock together! This is a great opportunity to spotlight your work as a cook, chef, food and beverage artisan.

The program runs from September 18th through December 16th, 2018 and each season is limited to eight chefs, each of whom must host three dinners during this period. Chefs are compensated for their time and provided a subsidy towards ingredient costs, Komeeda covers all other costs from venue and kitchen space to front of house staff. 



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