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we are a Kommunity

Komeeda is a gateway to discover, celebrate and learn about cultures through innovative foods and flavors made with love by under-the-radar, up-and-rising culinary artists. We’ve achieved this by creating a platform built on a foundation designed for inclusion and empowerment. A platform for local eateries, creative chefs, brewers, roasters, bakers, and others to share passions, creations, and culture through the experiential plate. A platform with a purpose to support and incubate culinary entrepreneurs through creative collaboration. A platform that drives food lovers to discover and explore food culture in communities near and far, old and new, multi and uni-cultural and support their success.

Transparency, accessibility, and minimizing barriers allows creators to focus on creating while Komeeda connects them with food lovers near and far eager to journey through their next culinary adventure. Komeeda is our vehicle to catalyze local communities to become ambassadors of their culinary culture; a Kommunity of people eager to enrich and be enriched through the canvas of culinary arts. A canvas of unheard stories, eclectic flavors, and valued interactions that organically enriches, empowers and elevates all people by the beautiful act of breaking bread.

Our gateways welcome all people to explore and feast, and there’s a lot of bread to break between us.



Refugee Empowerment

We're a platform for refugees to get back on their feet by cooking meals native to their story and sharing those stories with curious diners. An opportunity to gain extra income, develop communication and culinary skills, and discovering a welcoming and empowering community. 

Through our dinners, recently resettled refugees have found full time employment, obtained foundational English and GED training, and have secured access to resources once unknown to the host.

It is a goal of our to continue these conversations and utilizing food as a vehicle to bring people to convene. 

Actively introducing plant-based menus for catering projects and servicing them in savory and stigma-shattering ways. Introducing ethnic flavors with eclectic culinary artisans creating combinations that will wow carnivores and vegans alike. 



The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has launched the LIFE project, a State Department backed initiative to help refugees launch their culinary startups in Turkey. Komeeda teamed up with CIPE to travel to Turkey to mentor LIFE resident entrepreneurs and participate as a judge of the cash prize pitch competition. Komeeda is proud to support CIPE and their efforts to help refugees in Turkey reach economic security through food. We will be sharing updates on this great initiative regularly. 

We work with organizations who share culture, promote progressive education, and empowering people from underserved communities and/or marginalized identities. Our dinners are aimed to build bridges and to strengthen our communities one culinary experience at a time. 


When you work with komeeda katering you support the food arts center, a culinary destination empowering the world through the culinary arts. Our catering orders contribute to the training, education, and employment of personnel who graduate from FEDCAP's culinary vocational training program. Culinary students are trained and work closely with our line-up of reputable culinary partners in the New York metro area to further their skills and learn from quality and knowledgable culinary entrepreneurs.

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Food Arts Center
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