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Komeeda is a movement to experience food differently.
A destination for people to attend local food events and hire to cater their events.
Expect dishes from NYC’s talented chefs and cooks leading
restaurant feasts, pop-ups, tours, cooking classes, and more!
Hire us to Experience Food Differently!


What’s Cookin’?

Technology for Food Hospitality

Komeeda is designing tools to help restaurants and chefs connect with food lovers seeking local events and catering services. A new website is coming soon!

Catering by Komeeda

Have the flavors of Komeeda at your next event. Looking for drop off, partial or full-service catering? We’re ready to wow your guests.



What's Komeeda?

Experience food differently with a food-loving "Kommunity".

We cater to food lovers who are passionate about food and seeks to experience it in new environment. Providing our Kommunity members fun ways to discover top tiered chefs and innovative restaurants, taste creative and cultural cuisines, and interact with storytelling chefs, hosts, and fellow eaters. 

Whether you're a food adventurer, gourmand, or foodie, a local, transplant, or tourist... Komeeda provides the hungry food-lover experiences that are unique, eclectic, and most importantly, flavorful! 

We welcome you to join our inclusive kommunity that feels exclusive. 

Chef Shuchi sharing her #eatKomeeda experience with the Kommunity at Dinner Under the Bridges.

Chef Shuchi sharing her #eatKomeeda experience with the Kommunity at Dinner Under the Bridges.

How We Connect You w/ Local Experiences

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Discover Local Talent

We hosts curated chef competitions and have open calls for cooks and chef ambitious to experiment through the Chef Showdowns. Winning chefs join Komeeda to showcase their experiences to you.


Automated Technology

We design business-friendly tech for small and local brands to connect with you. Komeeda’s model is cost-effective, and lower than the high fees charged by most platforms.


Curated Experiences

Chef Showdowns, Elev8’d Eats, & Displaced Kitchens are some of the campaigns designed to introduce you to new flavors and local culinary talent. Join some of our upcoming experiences!


The Experiences

Food is the center of our universe. 

We provide a stage for rising and established chefs and restaurants to experiment with food and share stories to connect with our Kommunity.


Restaurant Tastings & Feasts

Experience the soul of the restaurant with us! Feast on robust menus featuring 6+ items at each gathering led by a dedicated host. Get access to the stories and secrets shared by head chefs, restaurant managers, and owners.

Komeeda Chef Led Popups.jpg

Creative Chef-led Pop-ups

Immerse yourself in culture, innovation, and creativity at the table. Our pop-ups are centered on spotlighting local talent and showcasing the secrets of local food cultures. Taste untasted foods, hear unheard stories, and experience the unexperienced. 


Culinary Competitions 

You be the judge! Attend our competitions to eat, drink, and vote for the next Kommunity Champion! Featuring rising and talented kommunity chefs and eateries showcasing their best bites for you to get your fix of culinary innovation! 

They've Been Talkin' About Us!



What They're Saying...


I’ve been going to Komeeda events since the beginning and each event is truly unique and wonderful. It’s a guaranteed good time with the best people and delicious food. I’m super excited to see what Komeeda brings in the future.

Nia P. Kommunity Member 2015


These events are awesome! I get to explore food in a socially engaging environment. I get to taste new cuisines conveniently. 

Adrian O., Kommunity Member, 2015


"Being able to work with Komeeda has given me the opportunity to bloom my passion with food with new faces and open hearts. It has grown to more than just camaraderie, it has turned into family."

Jane P., Kommunity Chef Showdown II Champion.


"I love komeeeeeda! They're super fun and unique thing to do in NYC. It's a perfect environment for everyone!

Karaen G., Kommunity Member 2015



Komeeda's Mission: Create Opportunities… Locally

Chef Showdown #8 Culinary Teams. A platform for local culinary talent to showcase their talents to crowds of food lovers.

Chef Showdown #8 Culinary Teams. A platform for local culinary talent to showcase their talents to crowds of food lovers.

Our core purpose is to support the small food hospitality businesses that serve us the one thing we need to live, food.
As more restaurants and food halls open up, more chefs hosting events, more cooks starting catering companies, Komeeda aims to provide those entrepreneurs the essentials to operate their business in the digital age.

With less than 10% of the services industry yet to be on the internet, we will be a platform designed for the new entrants from all walks of life. Through the Komeeda brand, military veterans, refugees, reintegrated people and other have leveraged the platform to build a name for themselves. As we form relationships with our users, Komeeda becomes a mechanism to design and develop for the busy business owner. Through our platform, it enables businesses to enhance their consumer hospitality to elevate their brand with new audiences.



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