To better understand a culture,
break bread with their people.

That’s our Mission.

Summer afternoons in Bay Ridge meant two things. Pickup basketball games with the guys from the neighborhood, followed by our quest to find a place to eat. Growing up in a multi-ethnic neighborhood meant we could have anything from Middle Eastern to Asian to Latin American food.  Of course, the best meal would be at someone’s home. We’d all look forward to seeing whose mother would invite us in for dinner.

All summer long we’d cycle through different homes and feast on cuisines from all parts of the world. Each dinner was an immersive experience from the moment the apartment door swung open. The heady aromas of spices wafting from the kitchen, the clatter of dishes being set on the table, and the warm hospitality welcoming us in accented english.

Those evenings were always filled with joy, camaraderie and the most delicious spread of food one could hope for. Our families came from all over the world with different customs, languages and religions, but we found common ground at the dinner table. We learned about each other and our cultures - the similarities and differences - while indulging in the wonderful meals our mothers prepared for us. Each mother opened up a new world for us to experience through her culinary magic and her passion for keeping her family’s heritage alive. These dinners filled our bellies and our souls. Our mothers were our gateway to exploring and understanding the people and communities around us.

Komeeda is a gateway to discover, celebrate and learn about local and global cultures through the culinary arts made with love by local eateries, chefs, and passionate culinary artists.

We’ve achieved this by creating a platform built on a foundation designed for inclusion and empowerment. A platform for local eateries, creative chefs, brewers, roasters, bakers, and others to share passions, creations, and culture through the experiential plate. A platform with a purpose to support and incubate culinary entrepreneurs through creative collaboration. A platform that drives food lovers to discover and explore food culture in communities near and far, old and new, multi and uni-cultural and support their success.

Transparency, accessibility, and minimizing barriers allows creators to focus on creating while Komeeda connects them with food lovers near and far eager to journey through their next culinary adventure. Through these activities we identify ways to better understand each other, but most importantly it brings awareness to the positive impacts of food. The impacts blossoming from food further drives our dedication of bringing access to quality foods to all people.

Komeeda is our vehicle to catalyze local communities to become ambassadors of their culinary culture; a Kommunity of people eager to enrich and be enriched through the canvas of culinary arts. A canvas of unheard stories, eclectic flavors, and valued interactions that organically enriches, empowers and elevates all people by the beautiful act of breaking bread. Our gateways welcome all people to explore and feast, and there’s a lot of bread to break between us.

One Love.

Jabber Al-Bihani, CEO & Founder