For three years, Komeeda has been an active promoter of local food culture through culinary events, catering, and food experiences. We are an impact driven enterprise aligned at very core with strong inclusive, progressive, and community values, when you choose Komeeda Katering for your foodservice needs, you will experience the flavors of local culture, made by talented local culinary artisans, all with the inspiration of a local story.

With a diverse portfolio of culinary services curated for clients, friends, family, or simply a celebration of life; Komeeda Katering is there to provide you the innovative flavors that will elevate the way your guests experience food. 


*Holiday Party Catering*

Make your next corporate holiday party a memorable success with our Komeeda Katering. We will design your event with a tailored menu and delivery impactful presentations & engagements. Our brand is predicated on culinary creativity and it has earned Komeeda a reputation of being one of NYC’s innovative catering and event production companies. Impress and show appreciation to your team members and clients during the holidays with Komeeda Katering powering your holiday party. We got you covered from venue to menu.