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Taste the culture and resilience of refugees through a curated a storytelling feast!

Through Komeeda, when you feast, you support others to share their culture, passion, and stories through cuisine. Taste that when you #eatKomeeda. Enter your email to be notified of upcoming delicious events in the ATX! 

Experience Displaced Kitchen
@ SxSW 

In times of political turbulence and societal instability, it is the duty of citizens to make an honest effort to unite one another. And what better way to connect and understand one another than over food! One of the most alarming moments in human history is taking place right now.

Feast of Baghdad

Komeeda plants its seed in Austin by ways of SxSW, with Qahtan Mustafa of RST welcoming us to his community! After the panel, Komeeda is hosting a dinner led by Iraqi refugees who will cater a culturally immersive Iraqi feast on March 13 at 6:30 PM. Chefs Raya and Ayman share their story of being Iraqi refugees, their resilience, and how they became owners of a locally celebrated catering company BaiTi Foods. They're eager to share this experience with the SxSW community and (re)introduce their rich culture through food. This Fun Eating Experience is made possible with the support and honored partnership with Refugee Services of Texas - Austin.

RSVP proceeds go to supporting the efforts of RST welcoming and supporting displaced and vulnerable populations in Texas. Earlier that day, the Komeeda team will be speaking at the SXSW conference.


Our Partners

Catered by BaiTi Foods. Refugee Owned and Locally Operated 

Catered by BaiTi Foods. Refugee Owned and Locally Operated 

Support and Partnership with Texas' largest Refugee Organization, Refugee Services of Texas

Support and Partnership with Texas' largest Refugee Organization, Refugee Services of Texas


Experience The Feast w/ Komeeda

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Komeeda Speaks @ SxSW


The Talk

Join our Kommunity founders as they share the food-centric projects that have mobilized people to activate and empower others. How can food be your purpose?

Komeeda Displaced Kitchens is coming to SXSW! On Tuesday March 13, 2018, our the Komeeda team lead by Jabber Vaan Al-Bihani and Nas Jab will be taking stage joined by RST's Program Manager Qahtan Mustafa, to discuss how food is a vehicle for social impact projects and how it is utilized to activate towards the empowerment of underserved communities. 



Let's Konnect @ SxSW!

The Komeeda team will be in town from March 9th through March 16, 2018. Reach out and let's coordinate! 


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